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"I am so glad I joined Bluecross and really enjoy working with them.
They are professional, efficient and helpful and offer a personalised experience.
Thank you to Krishan who made the signing up process easy and quick and a very big thank you to Howard, who is attentive and always goes above and beyond to get me the shifts I want and answer any questions quickly.
Overall everyone I have come across has been friendly and approachable. I would highly recommend Bluecross!"
Dr Bhavni Shah; SHO A&E, Surgery & Medicine (September 2018)
"I think Bluecross is a really great agency to work for, I had heard good things about it prior to joining up and these have all been confirmed. There are loads of shifts available at all sorts of different hospitals, which makes it super easy to find shifts at the time and place that I am hoping for. Communication is really good with Bluecross staff, emails are responded to promptly and questions answered - everyone seems to know how the systems work and have good advice. Payment has been really prompt and always get the rates as advertised. 
Registration took a long time, there was a lot of paperwork, but that’s the same with all agencies. It was really useful to have a person assigned to me who kept track of what I still needed to provide, this meant it was always very clear what I had done and what I still needed to do. It was also great that you guys could arrange the DBS  check and E-learning for me with minimal hassle.
I think I’ve been really lucky with the people assigned to me. Fouzia was awesome, really on top of things and always knew what I needed to do. She must have hated how slow I was at getting things to her, but she was always really nice about it!
Chloe is fab!! She has booked me all the shifts I wanted and have been looking out for shifts that she thinks will suit me even though I have been really unclear about my schedule and availability. Always answer my emails really quickly and just seem to know everything!! Thank you Chloe :)
I definitely would recommend Bluecross, and have done to a number of friends! I haven’t worked for any other agencies, so can’t compare, but have always heard that Bluecross is the best."
Dr Anna Burn-Murdoch; SHO A&E (Sept 2018
"BlueCross has been an excellent agency to work with. They were able to get me the job I wanted, where I wanted.  The application process was quick and seamless. The entire team have been fantastic.
Howard has gone above and beyond in every aspect. From helping me get the job I wanted, to help with payslips. He did not pressure me into accepting jobs I didn't want. He is also extremely quick at responding to emails. Thanks again Howard for making my experience with BlueCross an amazing one. Now I see why all my friends love Howard! I will be recommending you to all my colleagues!
I would definitely be recommending BlueCross to all my friends and colleagues. Thank you!"
Dr Ogagaoghene Sim-Ifere; SHO Surgery, Medicine & O&G (September 2018)
"I have been working with Bluecross Locums during this past F3 year, and it has been absolutely great! One thing I love about Bluecross is that you are known as an individual and they take your job preferences seriously. I was quite nervous about the whole process at first, but the staff at Bluecross are so friendly, approachable and helpful. Registration was easy and they take you through one step at a time. Best of all, they managed to secure me consistent, but flexible ad-hoc work in the hospital and department I wanted. I could not ask for more. They organise everything for you and you can always call to speak to someone if you need to. I was always paid on time, without any issues at all. Also, a special mention to Sonny (managing director) who is the friendliest person ever and runs the company with humility. He would frequently check to make sure that my needs were being met and respond to any queries promptly. It has been a pleasure working with Bluecross Locums, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for locum work."
Dr Danielle Roberts; SHO Med (July 2018)
"Howard has been excellent at advising me on hospitals and departments, and has always found me sufficient amounts of work at A&E departments. He is very reliable and easily accessible via email or phone. 
Bluecross have excelled in comparison to other agencies at finding me work - so thank you!"
Dr Helena Sandford; SHO A&E & Med (July 2018)
"I have found Bluecross Locums to be a highly professional organisation and all members of staff are very easy to work with.
Lauren has been exceptionally helpful in obtaining jobs on dates that I request, around my specific weekly/monthly schedule. She has been extremely easy to liaise with and works hard to ensure my requirements are met as a locum doctor. It is my pleasure to be working with Lauren.
I am very grateful to have met Fouzia during my induction at Bluecross Locums. She was especially helpful in assisting me with induction procedures and ensuring up to date documentation. I have found Fouzia to be a very warm and friendly person who is more than willing to provide assistance and answer any questions I may have as a locum doctor.

It is an absolute pleasure to be working with both members of staff and with Bluecross Locums as a company."
Dr Rickin Dattani (July 2018)
"Bluecross Locums was recommended to me by a friend, and I would recommend too! I have found Bluecross to be friendly, approachable and timely in their information and correspondence regarding work, and staff have certainly tried to cater for my needs as a locum including type and place of work. They have responded to any queries or issues I have had at my workplace, and are always available via email or phone, always keeping me updated. I feel that as a slightly smaller locum agency, Bluecross are able to give a more personalised service and are very accommodating. Thanks."
Dr Helen McMahon; ST1 T&O (June 2018)
"My experience with BlueCross Locums has been exceptional. In particular Howard Johnson my recruitment consultant was extremely diligent and helpful in getting me the shifts I wanted in the hospitals that I wanted them in. We built up a great rapport and I would recommend him highly to anyone."
Dr Ricky Sharma; SHO A&E, Surgery and Medicine (June 2018)
"I am a locum SHO doctor and have been working through Bluecross locum agency for the last 8 months. During that time Bluecross have been able to provide me with shifts on a near to full time basis at my chosen hospitals. I have found that communication with Bluecross and their representatives has been relatively easy – email and telephone contact is generally responded to promptly. Working through Bluecross has been optimal for me due to their excellent relationship with a number of key trusts and departments across London. I intend to continue working with Bluecross inside and outside of London in the future.
Howard has been my main point of contact for arranging shifts at King’s College Hospital A&E department – where I have completed the majority of my work over the last 8 months. In general I have found Howard to be very friendly and approachable. Howard is very pro-active, ensuring that availability is known ahead of time and shows initiative by arranging shifts for me based on this availability. Where there have been occasional hiccups or miscommunications with the department (i.e. department expecting me when I have not been confirmed for a shift) Howard has been excellent at communicating with them  on my behalf, acting as an advocate and correcting any misunderstanding that may have occurred.
I would, and have, recommended Bluecross to several of my colleagues who are looking to locum."
Dr Kelly Vallance; SHO A&E & Med (June 2018)
"I have been a locum doctor with Bluecross now for over 6 months and during this time I have found the agency to be efficient, timely and attentive. 
My main recruitment consultant throughout this time has been Howard and he has always been helpful, friendly and well organised. He works hard to ensure I am getting the work I want at my preferred hospitals and departments.
I would recommend Bluecross and Howard as a recruitment consultant as in my own experience I have found them to be more attentive and caring than other agencies I have worked with in the past. They strive to ensure doctors get paid on time and get the shifts they require."
Dr Rupinder Gill; SHO A&E, Med and Surgery (May 2018)

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