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"I am a locum SHO doctor and have been working through Bluecross locum agency for the last 8 months. During that time Bluecross have been able to provide me with shifts on a near to full time basis at my chosen hospitals. I have found that communication with Bluecross and their representatives has been relatively easy – email and telephone contact is generally responded to promptly. Working through Bluecross has been optimal for me due to their excellent relationship with a number of key trusts and departments across London. I intend to continue working with Bluecross inside and outside of London in the future.
Howard has been my main point of contact for arranging shifts at King’s College Hospital A&E department – where I have completed the majority of my work over the last 8 months. In general I have found Howard to be very friendly and approachable. Howard is very pro-active, ensuring that availability is known ahead of time and shows initiative by arranging shifts for me based on this availability. Where there have been occasional hiccups or miscommunications with the department (i.e. department expecting me when I have not been confirmed for a shift) Howard has been excellent at communicating with them  on my behalf, acting as an advocate and correcting any misunderstanding that may have occurred.
I would, and have, recommended Bluecross to several of my colleagues who are looking to locum."
Dr Kelly Vallance; SHO A&E & Med (June 2018)
"I have been a locum doctor with Bluecross now for over 6 months and during this time I have found the agency to be efficient, timely and attentive. 
My main recruitment consultant throughout this time has been Howard and he has always been helpful, friendly and well organised. He works hard to ensure I am getting the work I want at my preferred hospitals and departments.
I would recommend Bluecross and Howard as a recruitment consultant as in my own experience I have found them to be more attentive and caring than other agencies I have worked with in the past. They strive to ensure doctors get paid on time and get the shifts they require."
Dr Rupinder Gill; SHO A&E, Med and Surgery (May 2018)
"I wanted to say thank you for all your hard work in securing regular shifts for me, since taking over last year. With the introduction of IR35, there have been many changes to the structure of locuming; you have been a consistent point of contact, responding quickly and efficiently to any queries (particularly those above and beyond your job description), via email or phone, that I may have. These qualities along with your professionalism, are why I continue my partnership with Bluecross and recommend the agency to other colleagues."
Dr Lauren Hamilton; JCF A&E, Surgery & Medicine (May 2018)
"Bluecross is a friendly, well run locum agency, who are considerate to both their clients and the doctors that work for them.
The registration is tedious, however, I understand that this is unavoidable. I would have preferred not to have come in for the face to face meeting, but nevertheless, it was good to meet the staff and see who's behind the emails and calls.
Chloe is my recruitment officer and has been a dream to work with. She is always on the ball, and responds to emails almost instantly and tries her best to taylor job opportunities to your requirements.
Yes, I would most definitely recommend Bluecross. I appreciate not being called, and being emailed instead!"
Dr Jason Gan; SHO A&E (May 2018)
"My experience with Bluecross has generally been positive. In particular, any query I've ever had about pay has been dealt with promptly and everyone I've had interaction with has been very helpful.
I have recommended BlueCross to several friends, some of whom are on your books now. 
I think compared to other agencies I've dealt with BlueCross does seem smaller, friendlier and more client focussed. I think in comparison to other agencies people I know work for, BlueCross is definitely one of the better agencies. I think you guys do well to secure good rates. I know other agencies pay more but in my interactions with them I've found them a bit pushy. Feedback I've heard about other agencies has been fairly mixed. I think BlueCross generally seems to have good understanding about the way we work, e.g. you don't put people forward for inappropriate posts (e.g. too high a grade, wrong speciality etc.). 
Lauren has been absolutely great, Her service has been completely faultless and has exceeded my expectations. She's professional and friendly at the same time, and seems very caring. She responds to my emails very quickly, and always helps me sort out issues beyond her remit, directing me to the right person at BlueCross. For example, she recently went out of her way to provide me with a glowing reference for my new landlady. She seems to work super hard. She's made me feel appreciated and forwarded positive feedback from hospitals on to me which has been really nice to receive. She clearly has a good relationship herself with a number of hospitals she works with. I'm sure it can't be easy for agencies to find people who work so diligently and conscientiously - I'm sure she's well appreciated at BlueCross and that you will work hard to keep her working with you. She's an asset to your organisation :-)"
Dr Jane Conley; SHO A&E, O&G, GP (March 2018)
"I have found BlueCross to be a great agency to work with – really easy to deal with and plenty of work available through them. The recruitment consultant whom I have mostly worked with is Chloe. I could not rate her work more highly. She’s really efficient, always on top of everything and just really friendly and pleasant.
I have in the past and would again in future recommend BlueCross to colleagues and friends."
Dr Emer Liddy; SHO A&E,Med (March 2018)
"I was hesitant to join a Locum agency as I’d heard registration was a nightmare but I need not have worried with Bluecross everything was straight forward and the girls were always on hand to help! 
I love working with Lauren in particular-she always makes booking my shifts easy and calls me from time to time to check in. Even if I have to cancel a shift she’s very understanding and patient. She’s a dream to work with!
I’ve referred a friend to blue cross because I love it so much.
Payment is always smooth and quick which is important. 
I will definitely be a long time member of Bluecross Locums!!"
Dr Eilis Dunning; SpR A&E (March 2018)
"Bluecross, a good company helping doctors get work generally good with getting shifts although sometimes lack of shifts means little work some weeks but approachable and understanding staff. good timesheet and wages processing in a timely fashion and emails sent from various team members to help gain work is nice and helpful
Chloe is very organised with emails and communication thank you for this! friendly and helpful I would defo recommend her as a recruitment consultant for others
I would recommend Bluecross especially if in London work more so. Nil use of other agencies"
Dr Kushbu Kansagra; SHO A&E & Med (March 2018)
"I signed on to the Bluecross register around April 2016 and began to work as a locum doctor with the agency since August 2016 when I completed my foundation year 2 contract. I decided on Bluecross locum agency because I had heard encouraging feedback from my colleagues in A&E who worked with them. Since joining, I have always felt very supported and have found them to be extremely organised. They contact me in advance to keep my references up to date, make sure that my “Declaring and Barring Service” certificate is current and make me aware of various shifts going on a daily basis. I would be more than happy to recommend Bluecross locums to other medical professionals, indeed I have suggested them to my friends and colleagues.
I was anxious about going into locum work for the year whilst I underwent my masters, and I could not have asked for a better recruitment agent than Lauren. I truly mean this. She was very approachable, took the time to listen to my personal situation and went out of her way to sort out the best options for me. For example, I was moving back home to Suffolk from Medway. Bluecross do not usually work in the East of England area, being based more in London and parts of Kent. However, she contacted hospitals near me and was able to secure frequent shifts in Colchester Hospital.
She also communicates very effectively, keeping me up-to-date on when shifts have been booked and if there is a change in administrative processes (e.g. Colchester changed the way they paid their locum workers and I was told immediately what I needed to do.) Moreover, she asks for availability in advance, but works around your situation and does not pressure you into shifts that are not suitable.
On a more personal level, I was going through a difficult situation in my own life when I first started working with her, and I felt I could open up to her about this. Therefore, not only do I find her professional, but also very personable. Any company would be lucky to have her."
Dr Amberly Munnings; SHO Surgery & A&E (March 2018)
"Bluecross and the staff are very well organised. Broad and plentiful database of shifts available. Organising shifts is so easy because they book you in provisionally automatically if you've said you're available, and are very quick at responding to emails.
Registration process is lengthy, but that seems to be the case with lots of agencies. It was very organised, the face-to-face meeting is a nice way to actually meet the team and answer any questions. Compliance officer: Good prompt and clear communication via email, have had little contact since initially signing up so difficult to comment on. Chloe: brilliant. Always replies promptly and tries to find shifts in amongst my unpredictable availability."
Dr Juliet Laycock; SHO A&E (February 2018)

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