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"It has been a pleasure to work with BlueCross. I had been recommended this locum agency by a friend who also had a positive experience with them. Starting off firstly with the compliance team, Fouzia was extremely understanding of different circumstances when gathering the documents & took the time to explain what was required from me.
Jake and Suman have always been available when needed and has been very readily contactable. BlueCross' booking system is very effective. Booking shifts has been smooth for me thus far.
I would certainly recommend this agency for my friends and colleagues!"
Dr Se Jung Park; SHO Med (May 2019)
"Bluecross is an extremely effective agency. I work within the NHS since 2002 and I can say that they are truly the best. My recruitment consultant Suman is approachable and friendly. Also Jake, Sonny and all the members of the team are very kind and helpful. I have never had any problems getting information from the Bluecross team. I particularly like that I receive many job offers, giving me a wide variety of choices. I prefer Bluecross to the other agencies and would gladly recommend them to any other colleague in the UK and abroad"
Dr Nikolaos Sfougkatakis Daskalakis; Cons Gastroenterology (April 2019)
"I’ve worked with Bluecross on and off for several years and can say that they are hands down the best locum agency out there. Their team work tirelessly to match their doctors to great vacancies and I have always felt very well looked after. The communication from Bluecross is always exceptional and they’re always available to answer questions. I have always felt very respected by the team and they have worked hard to build a strong professional and personal relationship with me during my time with them. All of the Bluecross team I have worked with have been absolutely exemplary but in particular I can’t say enough good things about Howard and Suman who have looked after me very well and again and again matched me with the best vacancies. Also, from the compliance side of things Fouzia has been brilliant in getting me re-compliant, and Samantha has been brilliant at keeping me up to date and is always lovely to interact with.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Bluecross."
Dr Thomas Reid; SpR Urology (April 2019)
"Bluecross is an excellent locum agency. I have several to compare it to. My recruitment consultant Suman is approachable, friendly and easy to get into contact with. I have never had any problems getting information from the Bluecross team. I particularly like that I receive lots and lots of emails with potential shifts, which means I can choose the ones I want. I prefer Bluecross to the other agencies and would recommend them to anyone looking for a locum agency."
Dr Karandeep Nandra; SHO Med; (April 2019)
"I have worked with Bluecross Locums for 3 years and in that time the team have exceeded my expectations. From the registration process to starting work has been a seamless process. 
My consultant Howard is dynamic and dedicated to providing only a first class service. He has been instrumental is sourcing the jobs responsive to my needs. 
Compliance Team Leader Samantha is always accommodating and my go to person- if I have any concerns or require further documentation prior to starting a shift, she knows what is needed and does not delay to inform me. She is an amazing source of support.
There is always consistent high quality service at Bluecross Locums."
Dr Natasha Bankole; SpR A&E (April 2019)
"Working with Bluecross was a great experience. Jake was always available and really accommodating with my flexible availability. He was helpful with any payment or contract issues. Getting compliant was made easy and very quick. Great locum agency and have already recommended it to friends."
Dr Olivia Freemantle; SHO Med (April 2019)
"Working with Bluecross was very easy and always reliable. Jake was readily contactable and would ensure Locum work revolves around your availability. I switched to Bluecross after hearing good reviews from friends. Time to become compliant took a few weeks which is standard, but the process was very easy. I would recommend Bluecross to anyone looking for Locum work in and around London."
Dr Adam Wright; SHO Med (April 2019)
"I have worked with Bluecross since September last year and they have been excellent so far! My shifts have been arranged through Howard Johnson, who has been nothing but professional and extremely helpful. He has helped arrange work at North Middlesex Hospital and Kings College Hospital A&E departments, ensuring shifts are booked in advance or at short notice (when needed) and following up my pay as well. He is very responsive to emails and messages, and ensures any queries are dealt with promptly. I am very happy working with Bluecross and hope to continue working with them. I would highly recommend joining Bluecross as they are very reliable!"
Dr Jayani Suriyakumaran; SHO A&E, Psych & Oncology (March 2019)
"I was recommended Bluecross locums by a friend studying in the same masters program as me. From the very moment I had registered my interest, Bluecross Locums were very proactive in engaging with me, making me feel welcome and helping me navigate through the paperwork and other requirements to be registered as a locum doctor. Coming from another health system (Australia), it was very helpful to have their guidance and advice. My compliance officer (Fouzia & Samantha) keeps me on my toes, making sure I have everything up to date in a friendly manner and is always very willing to answer any queries I may have. My recruitment consultant (Chloe) has helped me get locum shifts at the time and place that is convenient for me and is very flexible to my varying schedule. I would definitely recommend Bluecross Locums to other doctors looking to Locum here in London."
Dr Alice McGushin; SHO A&E (December 2018)
"I have been working with Bluecross LTD since September 2018. I have worked closely with Fouzia Saleem and Howard Johnson.
When going through the application process, I ran into some difficulty due to some occupational health issues, which meant that further evidence of occupational health clearance was required. Fouzia handled this stressful situation professionally and ensured that she did her best to get the situation dealt with.
Once I was signed up, I was allocated Howard who deals with booking me in for A&E shifts. He has been nothing but excellent over the last two months; always ensures I have shifts that suit me and is always happy to help. He is always polite, approachable and always replies whenever I have questions.
Overall my experience working with Bluecross has been a positive one and because of this I have not felt the need to sign up with an alternative agency. I would definitely recommend Bluecross to any doctor who is looking for locum work."
Dr Leila El Bakkali (October 2018)

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What doctors say about us

  • Bluecross have been brilliant from when I first signed up to locum. Registration was quick and efficient – only taking a few days in total to complete the process. The whole team are extremely...

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    Dr Vidhya Lingamanaicker; SHO Med (June 2020)

  • I am glad that I decided to sign up with Blue Cross during my FY4 year – the staff members have always gone out of their way to be helpful and professional. Although there is quite a lot of paperwork...

    Dr Kalina Bridgewater; SHO A&E (April 2020)

  • Having not worked as a locum before, I found working with Bluecross a very supportive environment - all of the staff were always happy to help with any queries and quick to respond. When having...

    Dr Oliver Campbell; SHO Medicine (February 2020)

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  • I would like to say a few words about the service I have received from Suman at Blue Cross Locums; I have found him to be an absolute joy to work with and I have always been assured he will do the...

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  • Since I joined the Royal Marsden in July 2013, I have found working with Grant Waling quite enjoyable, not only is he very good at responding to my requests for CV's of locums who are consistently of...

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  • Bluecross Locums has been serving King's College Emergency Department for several years, providing high quality, reliable locums at short notice. Led from the front by Sonny Pithiya. Bluecross Locums...

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  • Bluecross Locums have been supplying locums to us in the Emergency Department for approximately three years. We began to use them when it became obvious that the Trust's preferred agency was...

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  • The Emergency Department at University Hospital Lewisham has worked with Bluecross Locums for over a year to date, and I am happy to state that we have found the level of service provided to be...

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