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"I joined Bluecross Locums in 2008. There are a few important areas for me that Bluecross abided by at all times: clear payment and no hidden charges, always paid on time and weekly, the team always respected my time and no unnecessary calls or fake shifts.

I find the team very accurate with my documentation and never asked me for something I had already sent. This is not just me who thinks this but other doctors I have met also do too."
Dr. Syed-Mehdi Mohammadi MD, MRCS, Specialist Registrar in General and Vascular Surgery
"The Bluecross team is the A team.

I have worked with Bluecross Locums since its inception and have recommended them to other colleagues and would continue to do so. They do not only provide locum job placements at my convenience and pay competitive rates promptly but actually take the trouble to show that they care about you as an individual with a personal touch. They even sent me a card on my birthday! They are very friendly, efficient and professional. My working relationship with them has been a very pleasant one."
Dr. Allen Demanya, ED Specialty Doctor
"I have been working with the team at Bluecross for just over a year. In that time I have really come to appreciate the ethos of the team which centers around working with my availability, helping me to get the amount of work that I need and always being able to rely on a friendly voice on the end of the phone and a team who are a real pleasure to work with. I have got to know Bluecross staff on a personal level including a recent memorable evening out, and a real effort on their part to get to know me as a person. It is also really great to feel valued by the staff at Bluecross as they always make a big effort to relay their gratitude if I'm able to help out at short notice.

I am really glad that I chose to work for a smaller agency who really value the contribution that I am able to make, whatever that level may be."
Dr. Nisha Mehta
"When I needed to work as a locum for 2 years I had to have a reliable agency. I started talking to and working with 4 different agencies to see which ones were the best for me. Bluecross doesn't compare to the others, because it is in a class of its own. I have never had such a personal and professional service before. I always got work, the work I wanted, and I always, always got paid on time consistently for the two years I was with Bluecross. I even got a Birthday card every year, and when I got it, I knew the staff were honestly appreciative of our relationship, and that it wasn't just a corporate gesture.

I really enjoyed being on first name terms with the Bluecross staff who I knew well and who knew me well. It was the exact opposite of the aggressive corporate attitude of the other agencies; it was always personal, friendly and tailored to my needs. I frequently get asked by other Doctors about which agency to go with, and I always recommend Bluecross first and foremost, because they really are the best. You won't get bombarded with texts and phone calls from overzealous corporate clones, because they will know what you want and where, and if they have something that fits, they will call and talk to you like a normal person.

Accept no substitute."
Dr. James O'Shea
"I have been working with Bluecross Locums for more than ten years. I started as a Senior House Officer and now as a Registrar. In choosing a locum agency I look for certain qualities; the ability for them to secure you a job, the ability to make prompt and timely payment and the ability to respond to queries and questions when you need them. They have all these qualities. They are highly efficient, very reliable and make prompt payments for work done.

Over the years I have become a friend to Bluecross and in particular Sonny Pithiya. Sonny has always gone the extra mile in his own way to help his clients and I would always be grateful. It is a joy to work for them and I will wholeheartedly recommend them at any time."
Dr. Matthew Wireko MRCP, Spr Gastroenterology

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What doctors say about us

  • Bluecross have been brilliant from when I first signed up to locum. Registration was quick and efficient – only taking a few days in total to complete the process. The whole team are extremely...

    Dr Adam Young; ST1 A&E & Med (August 2020)

  • I joined Bluecross locums for my FY3 year on recommendation from several colleagues. Sign up was very easy and their communication was always excellent. They really take on board your requirements...

    Dr Mehran Lashari; SHO A&E (August 2020)

  • My experience working with Blue Cross has been very positive. I received a lot of support as a Locum doctor in aspects such as training, finances and booking jobs. The team at Blue Cross are super...

    Dr Vidhya Lingamanaicker; SHO Med (June 2020)

  • I am glad that I decided to sign up with Blue Cross during my FY4 year – the staff members have always gone out of their way to be helpful and professional. Although there is quite a lot of paperwork...

    Dr Kalina Bridgewater; SHO A&E (April 2020)

  • Having not worked as a locum before, I found working with Bluecross a very supportive environment - all of the staff were always happy to help with any queries and quick to respond. When having...

    Dr Oliver Campbell; SHO Medicine (February 2020)

What hospitals say about us

  • I would like to say a few words about the service I have received from Suman at Blue Cross Locums; I have found him to be an absolute joy to work with and I have always been assured he will do the...

    Tunbridge Wells Hospital

  • Since I joined the Royal Marsden in July 2013, I have found working with Grant Waling quite enjoyable, not only is he very good at responding to my requests for CV's of locums who are consistently of...

    The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

  • Bluecross Locums has been serving King's College Emergency Department for several years, providing high quality, reliable locums at short notice. Led from the front by Sonny Pithiya. Bluecross Locums...

    King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • Bluecross Locums have been supplying locums to us in the Emergency Department for approximately three years. We began to use them when it became obvious that the Trust's preferred agency was...

    Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • The Emergency Department at University Hospital Lewisham has worked with Bluecross Locums for over a year to date, and I am happy to state that we have found the level of service provided to be...

    Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust