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Client Satisfaction

Bluecross Locums offers exceptional customer service which is maintained through our constantly reviewed Quality Assurance policies and procedures. Our Operations department completes audits on the entire company structure each year so you can feel safe in the knowledge that if there is a problem with a process, we will resolve the issue and adapt quickly.

We record and measure customer feedback (good and bad) in a number of ways. Feedback is important to us, especially the negative feedback as it provides us with an opportunity to establish what we have done wrong and what we can learn from the experience. You can read what hospitals say about us on our testimonials page. In addition to this, on request, we can supply other customer satisfaction information that is collated right across our operations that measures:

  • Quality of Service
  • Timeliness
  • Invoice Accuracy
  • Feedback

To request this information please contact our operations department on 0208 551 1001.

10 interesting facts for you!

  • We gather testimonials from 95% of ourTrust clients.
  • We have worked with 90% of our customers for over 8 years.
  • Up to 90% of our work is rebooked.
  • Bluecross has a target of 100% invoice accuracy.
  • Invoicing accuracy is currently at 99.60% over the last 10 years.
  • Our current fill rate is 90-95% in A&E
  • 80% of our doctors have referred a doctor
  • One Trust has recommended over 150 doctors to us.
  • Our Payment accuracy is 99.99%
  • We smile when we talk to you

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What doctors say about us

  • Bluecross is an excellent locum agency. I have several to compare it to. My recruitment consultant Suman is approachable, friendly and easy to get into contact with. I have never had any problems...

    Dr Karandeep Nandra; SHO Med; (April 2019)

  • I have worked with Bluecross Locums for 3 years and in that time the team have exceeded my expectations. From the registration process to starting work has been a seamless process.  My consultant...

    Dr Natasha Bankole; SpR A&E (April 2019)

  • Working with Bluecross was a great experience. Jake was always available and really accommodating with my flexible availability. He was helpful with any payment or contract issues. Getting compliant...

    Dr Olivia Freemantle; SHO Med (April 2019)

  • Working with Bluecross was very easy and always reliable. Jake was readily contactable and would ensure Locum work revolves around your availability. I switched to Bluecross after hearing good...

    Dr Adam Wright; SHO Med (April 2019)

  • I have worked with Bluecross since September last year and they have been excellent so far! My shifts have been arranged through Howard Johnson, who has been nothing but professional and extremely...

    Dr Jayani Suriyakumaran; SHO A&E, Psych & Oncology (March 2019)

What hospitals say about us

  • Since I joined the Royal Marsden in July 2013, I have found working with Grant Waling quite enjoyable, not only is he very good at responding to my requests for CV's of locums who are consistently of...

    The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

  • Bluecross Locums has been serving King's College Emergency Department for several years, providing high quality, reliable locums at short notice. Led from the front by Sonny Pithiya. Bluecross Locums...

    King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • Bluecross Locums have been supplying locums to us in the Emergency Department for approximately three years. We began to use them when it became obvious that the Trust's preferred agency was...

    Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • The Emergency Department at University Hospital Lewisham has worked with Bluecross Locums for over a year to date, and I am happy to state that we have found the level of service provided to be...

    Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust

  • I have been liaising with Bluecross Locums since 2008 regarding the recruitment of A&E locums here at St George's. They are efficient and highly professional.

    St George's Healthcare NHS Trust